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About Cantina La 20

Every cantina is a cultural expression of the place where it is found. Gastronomy-wise, we have an extensive menu of Mexican Cuisine dishes, offering representative dishes of each state of the country, with traditional techniques and recipes (handmade tortilla, sauces made in a molcajete), along with avant-garde techniques such as vacuum cooking, spherification, foam, etc. We constantly update our menu and the chef’s recommendations with new and top quality ingredients

Food Menu

Discover our unique Mexican Food with this Menu. We go through the most traditional ingredients and recipes you need to taste from our authentic Mexican Cuisine.



Tijuana Caesar salad with a twist. Hearts of romaine served with a roasted garlic-jalapeño dressing, parmesan cheese and house – made croutons.

– Add Chicken $11

Lobster Taco


Rosarito – style lobster tacos served in flour tortillas with yellow rice black beans and chipotle sauce. (x1).

Guac & Chips


Mexican hass avocado, white onions, Serrano peppers, cilantro and lime juice.

Golden beet Aguachile


Roasted beet, lime juice, cilantro, Serrano chile, cucumber, avocado sauce and truffle oil.

Tacos Gobernador


Flour tortillas filled with shrimp, mexican cheese blend and citrus-tomatillo salsa. Served with spicy arbol sauce.

Soft shell crab Dobladitas


Crunchy soft shell crab served in flour tortillas with jalapeño sauce.

Red snapper ceviche


Pickled Jicama, red Onions, fresnos, Leche de Tigre, avocado, crispy quinoa and tlayuda.

Tuna Tostadas


Tuna marinated in yellow peppers, lime and soy sauce. Served in a crispy wonton with guacamole, chipotle mayo and crispy leeks.

King crab Aguachile


Alaskan king crab, lime juice, cilantro Serrano chile, cucumber, avocado sauce and truffle oil.

Grilled Octopus


Grilled octopus with olive oil, paprika and sea salt.

Pastor Molcajete


Pork in a Guajillo adobo sauce, cilantro and red onions. Served with Pineapple and Pico de gallo.

Rib eye Molcajete


Sautéed ribeye served with melted manchego cheese and accompanied with tostaditas, panela cheese and fresh radish.

Garlic Mojo Prawns


Grilled giant prawns with garlic-lime butter and served with white rice.




Churros served with chocolate or cajeta sauce.



Warm crepes with cajeta sauce and nuts.




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